gratuity gra‧tu‧i‧ty [grəˈtjuːti ǁ -ˈtuː-] noun gratuities PLURALFORM [countable] formal
1. a small amount of money given to someone for a service they provide; = TIP:

• In many restaurants, a small gratuity given in advance may greatly improve service.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES a large amount of money given to someone when they leave their job, especially when they leave the army, navy etc:

• He received a gratuity of £11,000 when he left the services.

* * *

gratuity UK US /grəˈtjuːəti/ noun [C] (plural gratuities) COMMERCE
an amount of money given by a customer to someone who has provided a service, especially in a hotel or restaurant: »

Many customers leave a gratuity even if the service has been bad.


The bill came to $200 plus a 15% gratuity.

See also TIP(Cf. ↑tip)
an amount of money given to someone who has done something special for you : »

I would never take a gratuity of any kind from anyone when doing business.


Officers were charged with accepting illegal gratuities.

an amount of money given to an employee who leaves a job: »

a terminal/retirement gratuity


He left with an ill-health gratuity payment from the company.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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